Security Testing

Our Red Teaming, Pentesting and Secure Code Review division – We emulate real world cyber adversaries, to both test your organisation's security controls and help you understand likely attack vectors so you can better prepare to prevent and resist future attacks.

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A simulated cyber-intrusion that mimics a targeted attack against your organisation, based on methods and techniques successfully employed by real-world attackers today, but in a trusted and controlled manner. We offer a tailored service that can include physical access and social engineering based testing in conjunction with traditional technology based attack techniques.

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A deeply technical hands on systematic test of each application or system in scope. This systematic review provides a thorough understanding of the technical risk presented by an application or system.

IoT Security


An in-depth security analysis of IoT solutions focusing on the hardware, software and end-to-end solution. This assessment gives clients a holistic understanding of the security threats posed by IoT solutions right from the silicon layer to the user interactions and data flows.

Other services


Security Testing

A comprehensive assessment of the real-world impact an attacker can have on an Operational Technology (OT) or Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environment. TSS employ a hands on, technical but measured approach to assessing OT/ICS systems to ensure security issues can be discovered efficiently and effectively without negatively impacting real world systems and organisations.


Vulnerability Assessment

A low-level, technical and hands on assessment of the security posture of a hardware device with a focus on vulnerabilities that can impact an organisation or solution. TSS will analyse the target hardware with a range of cutting edge hardware hacking techniques and provide a balanced assessment of the risk the hardware device poses to the organisation.



A secure code review is a manual assessment of your application’s source code, directed by extensive experience and automated source-code scanning tools to focus our attention on the key security-relevant areas of the application.