Security Assurance

Our Security Posture Snapshot is our flagship service. An organisational cyber resilience assessment based on real world threats your business and sector is likely to face.

Premier Service


Posture Snapshot

A security posture snapshot (SPS) is designed to provide a high-level view of security issues throughout an organisation that require further effort to raise security standards to a level commensurate with threats to the business.

The result is a base-lined and prioritised security roadmap that lays out a clear path to improved security while minimising cost and disruption to the business. Recommendations are ranked according to their security effectiveness, initial cost, ongoing cost and cultural resistance, so as to enable the business to make informed decisions about future security spending


Architecture Review

Expert advice and review of architectural designs to ensure appropriate security controls are implemented and your system is resilient to cyber attack.


Risk and Compliance

TSS GRC Consulting experts deliver the independent expertise, experience and perspective to perform third party assessments of your current information security program and policies and assist executives and management in developing an overall program to manage the risks.

Conducted by specialised cyber security experts with extensive experience working within small to large enterprises, and the local Australian Government, our GRC services offer a wide range of benefits that range from risk mitigation and business delivery optimisation to enhanced communication and elevated reputational advantage. So whether you require baseline assessment against ASD ISM, ISO 27001/2, SOC, PCI, COBIT or NIST, our GRC consultants can deliver the outcome you desire.


Security Adviser

A service to provide you access to a pool of experienced information security professionals with experience in CISO, ITSA and/or strategic advisory roles. You can leverage this service for liaison with regulators, board advisory consulting and general cyber-security expertise.

Other services


Attack Simulation

Tabletop simulations provide a great vehicle for organisational awareness and training for inevitable security incidents. They allow a team to come together in a low-stress environment and assess their procedures and plans against Employee Behaviours, Infrastructure Resilience, Program Resources and External Threats. With the combined service of the TSS Incident Response Plans, your business can get up and running fast by leveraging our tailored cyber security playbooks.


Response Planning

Leverage the extensive experience of TSS incident response expertise, utilising the breadth and depth of real-world knowledge to create the necessary elements of an incident response plan or multiple table top designs for your business needs.