Managed Security

A blend of machine automation and highly skilled analysts, focused on protecting your organisation's key IT assets, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Premier Service


as a Service

TSS operates a 24x7x365 Cyber Security Operations Centre rated to store and service Australian Government networks up to PROTECTED level. Our SIEM monitoring and alerting service minimises business risk associated with the entire spectrum of cyber incidents; particularly targeted, persistent and sophisticated cyber intrusions.



A vulnerability assessment comprises a cyclical process to identify, classify and scan key assets. The process generates monthly tailored reporting so clients can remediate or mitigate identified vulnerabilities.


Detection and Response

EDR is our service that addresses the need for continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats. The service is primarily focused on detecting and investigating suspicious activities (and traces of such), and other problems on hosts and endpoints.

Other services



TSS’ knowledge of adversary tools, techniques and procedures combined with our experience in both offensive and defensive cyber operations allows us to collect, analyse and identify malicious threat indicators. Sources include, but are not limited to, private access sharing groups, open source forums, dark web and private intelligence feeds. The intelligence garnered can be used to uplift your security posture or when leveraged with EDR becomes an effective advanced threat protection.


Risk Protection

Dark web sites are the meeting and market places for emerging cyber threats. Digital Risk Protection provides a rich source of intelligence, often relevant to a broad spectrum of potential targets that aren’t accessible through conventional monitoring.