About Us

Providing trusted security services globally since 2011

Established in 2011, TSS Cyber (previously Datacom TSS) is a specialist information security company founded by former Australian Government intelligence and cyber security specialists. We aim to deliver discreet, niche and tailored security solutions to best meet your business needs.


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TSS Cyber is proud to be part of the CyberCX group – Australia's leading independent cyber security services company.

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Threat Focused

Evolutionary Approach

TSS believes that the common approach to cyber security has been failing for many years. In order to better minimise business risk, TSS provides an understanding of the threats to the assets of value most likely to be targeted within an organisation.

With significant experience in mitigating and countering cyber threats for the Australian government, critical infrastructure providers and other organisations for well over a decade, TSS provides an evolutionary approach to addressing the contemporary challenges that digitisation of business poses to modern organisations today.

Trusted Security Services

What we do

Our knowledge of the Australian cyber threat landscape is derived from our experience with real world offensive and defensive security techniques. We have over 200 years of combined experience defending Australian Government, critical infrastructure and assets of national importance.

To ensure the optimisation of organisation-wide security at the strategic, operational and cultural levels, TSS focuses on building partnerships with its clients at all levels, both technical and non-technical, to understand organisational goals, while minimising cost and disruption to its clients’ business.

Key Features

Unique threat knowledge
Information security specialists
Trusted Advisers
Threat-based approach
Flexible commercial model
Vendor and product neutral

Broad Multi-sector Experience

Federal, State and Local Government
Financial Services / Banking
Mining and Resources
Critical Infrastructure

Established in the Heart of Australia

Canberra HQ

Based in Australia's Capital, TSS is not only able to service both public and private enterprise, we are also able to attract Australia's best pool of engineering and security talent.


Accredited Facility

TSS operates a 24x7 federally accredited Cyber Security Operations Centre in Canberra (C-SOC). All customer telemetry and log data is transferred and stored within Australia, with no offshore access. All C-SOC staff have a federal clearance to PROTECTED level.


Each TSS staff member is an expert in their field, with the accreditations to match. TSS prides itself in supporting staff to achieve and maintain accreditations and awards.

CREST AccreditedOffensive Security - OSCPOffensive Security - OSCECISSP

The right talent

A great team

TSS is a multi-disciplinary team of cyber security professionals. We combine security architecture, threat intelligence, and risk assessment expertise to deliver the most effective outcomes for our clients.

Staff diversity allows TSS to solve a range of problems related to; information and data security, security governance, capability development, security assurance, and countering cyber-exploitation.

To maintain TSS’ high degree of specialised personnel, TSS supports each staff member in maintaining and increasing their skills through training, conferences, certifications and self-directed learning.

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